Find a device. Over 463 unique pieces.
About us
Our mission

Talk about what was the history of mobile phones. it's not just black / white boxes with display.

Showing devices as they were. How they were damaged by use and time.

Add a new pieces to the collection for future generations that will not know the history of mobile.

Our museum

The museum was created from a private collection of more than 2000 pieces of telephones. our goal is to keep these pieces of technical history, some mobile phones were designed and technical gems of their time. 

The museum and collection are also available to the public, but it is necessary to make an appointment in advance.

Technology with soul and design

We grew up on mobile phones that were different than smarthphones today. today it's about what's going on in the display. but history was completely different.

Sometimes it makes sense to grab your cell phone and try it out. enjoy. hold him in hands. today the mobile has no spirit. it's just a multimedia display. nothing more.

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